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On 2018-04-11 10:51, Iain Lane wrote:
> Thanks for the patch. I'm of the opinion that this isn't bionic-
> critical, since these are packages which have never worked with
> dh_translations + meson, do you agree?
Not quite. To the extent packages, which dh_translations previously dealt with, 
have been converted to meson recently, it appears to be a regression. At the 
same time, for several packages the issue has been worked around for now in 
debian/rules, so hopefully we have taken care of the most important cases.

> I don't like this - it puts the information in a hard to find place
> that's remote from the packages it refers to. I think this should be
> in the rules file for the affected projects, maybe
>   $ dh_translations --ignore-domain=gnome-control-center-2.0-timezones
> and documented in the manpage. Ideally you'd be able to specify that
> option multiple times.
Yeah, calling dh_translations with options is the other way. To be honest I 
started to think about that (bug #1762728) but couldn't figure out how to do 
it. Can you give a hint about how to add an option with arguments to a dh_* 
script? (I know about @ARGV, but in this case things happen behind the scenes 
which I don't understand.)

If we figure out how to add an option, I think it would be much easier
to state the domain we want instead of a list of domains to ignore:

   $ dh_translations --domain=gnome-control-center-2.0

So as regards your concern about ignoring too much by only looking for
'help-', I'd suggest we leave that for now. With an option as above, we
can drop 'the ignore approach'.

> +        ($domain) = keys %domains;
> I'm not a great perl expert, but is this a normal idiom? I guess it gets
> the first element - is it preferable to using [0]? Just reads a bit
> confusing to me but if it's normal perl then that's OK.
I replaced the array with a hash. [0] is for arrays, not hashes. The 
parentheses around $domain gives you list context (otherwise you would have got 
the number of keys, i.e. 1).

> I've attached a perl file that shows how to get the difference of two
> arrays with only one map and getting an array out at the end - it might
> be useful for this bug.
That's a useful tip, thanks. I switched to a hash since I found it easier to 
delete items that way, but that file indeed shows a nice way to do it also with 
an array.

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