What I'm trying to achieve is this: use resolvconf instead of resolved
in Ubuntu 17.10. There is a bug when one tries to do so.

This is a fresh install on a laptop using the desktop installation DVD.

resolv.conf points to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf and is managed by

I have NetworkManager and resolvconf enabled for interfaces not managed
by ifupdown, as shown in NetworkManager.conf in the initial report. I'm
using ifupdown for ethernet interfaces, NetworkManager for Wi-Fi.

The steps to reproduce are:
1. Install and enable resolvconf
2. Stop and mask resolved
3. Configure NetworkManager for resolvconf and ifupdown
4. Configure an interface in ifupdown for dhcp
5. Connect to the network

I agree that overriding make_resolv_conf() is good and necessary.
However, the scripts that do so currently do it blindly, even when the
service they support is disabled. My patch adds a simple sanity check to
ensure that disabled services don't run a script that will break DHCP
for enabled services.

I've described what was done to my system. If you have further
questions, please let me know. My goal is to use resolvconf in the place
of resolved. In doing so, I uncovered a bug in the dhcp hook scripts for
both resolved and resolvconf and I've provided a working patch for those
bugs. The patches have been running successfully on my systems for

All I ask is for consideration of the patches I've provided, not a
criticism of choosing resolvconf over resolved.

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  Disabling systemd-resolved breaks dhclient resolvconf integration

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