> So, the first command [program "eject"]did work;

This proves that it is not a problem of the drive.
Afaik, it is quite usual that contemporary Linux kernels forget to unlock
the drive tray. (I did not yet find the exact reason in my oldish kernel
and thus cannot tell whether it has been fixed in the newer ones.)

On the drive level it is about an SCSI command named START/STOP UNIT,
which needs to be sent to the drive so that it enables its own Eject

I am quite clueless about the way how the Eject key on a Mac keyboard
is supposed to work. Afaik, the drives do not have direct support for
external Eject buttons. So it would be a matter of operating system or
desktop software to emit an SCSI command to the drive when the key getsi

> "xorriso" is not available but could possibly be
> installed.  Might try to install it later or tomorrow if that is helpful to
> getting the keystroke operational . . . .

xorriso is a burn program which would be able to tell any back talk of
the drive, quite independently of the Linux kernel.
But we already know the drive does not refuse to obey the command.

So, unless you want an ISO 9660 and burn program for the command line,
there is no need to install it now.


I guess that your next step is to ask LXDE people how the Eject key of
your Mac is supposed to work, why it does not, and how to make it e.g.
execute command "eject /dev/sr0".
(I use fvwm2 as window manager and define key bindings by its command

Have a nice day :)


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