Alright, so I removed the proposed patch for Xenial since it was only
dealing with half of the issue as you could see by my previous post,
about the stack trace on a crash file I got. What I did not say in the
last comment was about some other discoveries.

Basically, as I said, the qemu-chr code really implements a CharBackend
mechanism (differentiating backend and frontend), and it does add a
check for null arguments on some of the qemu-chr functions. The point is
that, previously, it was up to the caller to check if argument was good
or not (and that is why it doesn't have checkers on 2.5 qemu version).

Nevertheless, I haven't pointed why the argument was null =). On:


    for (i = 0; i < total_queues; i++) {
        vhost_net_stop_one(get_vhost_net(ncs[i].peer), dev);

get_vhost_net(ncs[i].peer) returned null because the vhost_net struct
was already cleaned up by the qemu char event itself (after the socket
was closed). There is an upstream fix for this:

commit e6bcb1b61782cefacecc8b9ee7a5f782373dab2d
Author: Marc-André Lureau <>
Date:   Wed Jul 27 01:15:12 2016 +0400

    vhost-user: keep vhost_net after a disconnection

And it changes the place where vhost_net struct was freed (to the tap
interface cleanup). It also replaces (freeing properly) the vhost_net if
the nic is restarted.

I'm attaching the fix for 2 cases, found in 2 stack traces in previous
comments, and I'm asking the final user to provide feedback on these
fixes. Hopefully the vhost-user shutdown logic will be fixed for good.

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  QEMU vhost-user shutdown suffers from use after free (missing clean

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