Hello Colin,
  Thank you for responding. To Answer your questions:
  1. I have two external drives, sdb and sdc, in USB 3  Orico enclosure. The 
drives are mirrored.
  2. Atom D525 with 4GiB RAM. The attached screenshot shows "vmstat 5 5" output 
while VLC is playing a movie. It shows 1.5GiB of free memory, no swap used.
  3. Screenshot also shows output from "iostat -mx", and that I manually set 
the spl_kmem_cache_slab_limit to zero as suggested.

  I played a movie which paused repeatedly for 30 seconds and one time
for several minutes. When the pause occurs, VLC is completely hung until
the requested I/O completes. The end of pause is heralded by the I/O
activity LED on the drive enclosure.

  I want to emphasize/re-iterate a couple of points from my original post:
  1. This is not a VLC problem. I can recreate the problem with any app (cp, 
rsyn, etc) that reads sequentially from the ZFS file system.
  2. I do not believe this is a drive/latency problem: I can dd the content of 
sdb and sdc (to /dev/null) without any hang.

  Regards, Colin.

** Attachment added: "spl_kmem_cache_slab_limit, vmstat, and iostat -mx"

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  zfs frequently hangs (up to 30 secs) during sequential read

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