I just added a new artful version to the ppa, version
4.13.0-38.43+hf1711407v20180413b1; it's building right now.  It should
avoid the hang just like the last version from yesterday; but the last
one blocked freeing any future net namespaces after one hangs; this one
fixes that so even after a net namespace hangs, future ones will
correctly clean up and get freed.

I also added debug to this new build that will show each net namespace
alloc and free, like:

[  207.625857] net_namespace: alloced net ffff8d2eb3cae000
[  208.152882] net_namespace: freeing net ffff8d2eb3cae000

and it has the same dbg during reproduction of this bug, where it hangs,

[ 1363.377355] unregister_netdevice: possible namespace leak (netns 
ffff96ddf1c10000), have been waiting for 131032 seconds
[ 1363.377393]  (netns ffff96ddf1c10000): open sk ffff96ddf1e77380 family 2 
state 4 dst_cache           (null) rx_dst ffff96ddf532d800 creator 
generic_ip_connect+0x257/0x4f0 [cifs]
[ 1363.377406]  (netns ffff96ddf1c10000): dst ffff96ddf532d800 expires 0 error 
0 obsolete 2 flags 0 refcnt 1 ops ipv4_dst_ops+0x0/0xc0 creator 

If you're able to test with today's build, let me know if you are able to 
reproduce the problem (see the 'namespace leak' message) and if it has worked 
around the container hang correctly.  Thanks!

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  unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free

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