At the github site referenced here at the top it is said:

"On newer iOS version, ValidatePair is not mandatory to gain trusted host 
status. Starting with iOS 11, the ValidatePair request has been removed from 
lockdownd and will throw an error. This commit adds a version check so that 
ValidatePair is only called on devices prior iOS 7."

I'm looking for clarity here.  As I understand it, libimobiledevice
issues a formerly required ValidatePair call, and iOS 11 throws a
killing error.  Is that right?  Isn't it reasonable that iOS 11 could
just ignore it and keep going?

That is, isn't this something that one could ask Apple to fix?

Moreover, I still fail to understand why USB access to the iPhone file
system is so bizarre.  There is adequate authentication when (1) the
iPhone is unlocked by the user and (2) the user responds on the unlocked
phone to the question "Trust this computer?".  It should then be the
responsibility of iOS to show the unjailed part of the file system
transparently through the lightning port.  (In mentioning "jail", why
are the vcards behind "Contacts" not outside of jail?  There can be no
legitimate reason for that.)

One is left with the impression that Apple has little respect for inter-
operability with anything that is not Apple.  It would seem that the
only Apple-supported ways to move photos from an iPhone to a Linux
platform are (1) email (one photo at a time) or (2) iCloud via the web,
provided that the user allows iCloud backups from the phone.  (The
website at is not itself fully inter-operable.  For example,
it says that it does not support Android mobile devices when it is
called from my Android tablet.)

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  Need updated libimobiledevice to mount IOS 11 devices

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