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As discussed previously, we want to have zstd support in 16.04 to evaluate and 
potentially enable it in later releases. We also want to add hooks for
snap integration to apt, this release is supposed to add them to.

# zstd
The zstd support adds a dependency on libzstd1 to libapt-pkg5.0. This should 
not have any effect on live images, since libzstd1 is part of the various live 
tasks, as btrfs-progs need it. For installed systems, this might be a new 
dependency (if they do not use btrfs, tor, or some other tools), so an increase 
of ~520 KB, as that's the size of the library and the library only depends on 

This also depends on the zstd patch in dpkg being uploaded. If this
unexpectedly does not happen, and I upload apt first, I'd revert it
later before the release.

# hooks
The concrete code is still undergoing review, some option names might change 
for the hooks before release (e.g. pre-download might become 
pre-install-prompt, and the AptCli::Hooks config section only gets Install and 
Search lists for hooks to register, rather than individual pre-, post-, and 
fail- lists).

# sandbox disablement
We disable the seccomp sandbox for methods for the release, as it turns out 
there are still too many failure cases for it to be worthwhile to enable (NSS 
modules, weird libc functions calling weird syscalls, etc). People can 
re-enable it with a config option.

# other changes
the rest is bug fixes. some change translatable strings in documentation, but 
fix up the translation too. A few additional strings are added to the 
sources.list man page ("mention mirror method in sources.list (Closes: 
679580)", but I'm happy to back them out.

There are also some CI fixes, and the major cache version is bumped so
we can issue updates independently for 1.5 and 1.6 apt release series.

The attached patch is thus preliminary but should be fairly identical to
the final result.

** Affects: apt (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  [FFe] apt 1.6~rc1, zstd & hook support

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