the first message about lack of permissions is common and should be
harmless. The failure happens possibly with the attempt to get 16 MiB
of memory via call mmap(2). But it is not obvious why this only succeeds
if you are superuser.
So this might too be a red herring and the actual reason for wodim to
abort is something that is not reported.

The last messages about "HUP" probably say that wodim closed the pipes
by which it was connected to Brasero. Not necessarily the reason but
rather a consequence of the problem.


The reason for the mmap error message is probably

  addr = mmap(0, mmap_sizeparm(size),
                        PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, f, 0);

where "f" points to /dev/zero.

The man page of mmap says about the error EAGAIN ("Resource temporarily
  EAGAIN The  file  has  been  locked, or too much memory has been locked
         (see setrlimit(2)).

man 2 setrlimit points to prlimit(1). But running it shows no mmap specific
limiting parameter other than "MEMLOCK", which would only matter if flag
"MAP_LOCKED" was used with the mmap() call.

What do you get from this command:

  cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

(Mine says 18446744073692774399. I.e. no real limit.)

What permission do you see with

  ls -ld /dev/shm


As a workaround for non-superusers you could switch in Brasero from
the wodim plugin to the libburn plugin. It is supposed to use a slightly
different mmap() call when allocating its fifo buffer.

Have a nice day :)


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  Brasero can't burn DVD because of permissions issue

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