Some points of clarification. It is possible this is a different but
related bug. First off, no upgrade is occuring. This is a CI environment
[0] in which I do a fresh deployment of neutron and neutron-bgp-dragent
on Xenial with the Queens UCA. The deployment and initial configuration,
including the bgp peer setup, works as expected. The config roughly
follows [1].

Subsequent to the working deployment, I see the "KeyError: 'auth_type'
Unable to sync BGP speaker state" after a simple restart of the neutron-

I confirmed the version of the dynamic routing code includes the changes in 
this bug report.
ii  neutron-dynamic-routing-common   2:12.0.0-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0                 
all          OpenStack Neutron Dynamic Routing - common files
ii  python-neutron-dynamic-routing   2:12.0.0-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0                 
all          OpenStack Neutron Dynamic Routing - Python 2.7 library

Steps to reproduce are as follows:

Deploy stack including neutron, dragent and quagga
Configure networking and dynamic routing [1]
Validate BGP peering relations via quagga (vtysh -c "show ip route bgp")

Note: All is working at this point.

Restart neutron-bgp-dragent
See "KeyError: 'auth_type' Unable to sync BGP speaker state" in the 

Peering relationship is dead on quagga.

I have uploaded the neutron-bgp-dragent log with debug=True. I added a
note where the dragent restart takes place in the log.

Regardless if this is the same bug or a different one it is critical as
it means dragent cannot be used in production. Let me know what else I
can do to provide information.


** Attachment added: "neutron bgp dragent log with debug=True"

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  Dynamic routing: adding speaker to agent fails

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