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The version of ASIO shipped with Bionic (1.10.8-1) has a race condition that 
can cause a program using ASIO in multiple threads to hang forever.
The attached test case reproduces it in a single program, but it also can 
happen if two libraries are independently using ASIO and linked by the same 

The justification for fixing the issue in Bionic is the patch is
obviously safe and is not being applied to a critical infrastructure

The attached patch was taken from a commit to the upstream repository.
It appears to change the order that some state gets cleaned up.

[Test Case]

Save the attached files asio_stall_example.cpp and 0001-Don-t-free-the-

# Download the source code and extract it
tar -xjvf asio_1.10.8.orig.tar.bz2

# Build using the extracted headers
g++ -o example --std=c++11 -I asio-1.10.8/include/ -pthread 

# Loop until the program hangs (happens within 1 to 20 iterations)
while ./example ; do date ; done

# Apply the attached patch
cd asio-1.10.8
patch -p 2 

# Rebuild with patch and run example again.
# The loop runs for much longer, only hanging momentarily if all ports are 
blocked by a socket in TIME_WAIT
g++ -o example --std=c++11 -I asio-1.10.8/include/ -pthread 
while ./example ; do date ; done

[Regression Potential]

ASIO is shipped as a header only library, so the potential for a regression is 
limited to binaries built after this patch is applied.
The fix only adds a non-virtual member function to internal 'reactor' classes, 
so I don't think ABI breakage of downstream libraries is a concern.

Reactor classes are internal and chosen by typedef to the type `reactor` 
depending on preprocessor definitions.
If there exists a custom reactor class downstream then it would be possible to 
get a compile time error about missing the method cleanup_descriptor_data().
Someone implementing a custom reactor class would need to add a typedef of 
their class to 'reactor' and prevent ASIO from creating it's own typedef.
It could be done by defining the include guard ASIO_DETAIL_REACTOR_FWD_HPP 
prior to including asio.

[Other Info]

The attached file asio_stall_example.cpp was taken from this issue on github 
and minimized

The attached patch was made by cloning upstream and running
git format-patch -1 669e6b8

The original reporter on github says the issue only occurs if compiler
optimizations are turned on; however, I see it both with and without

** Affects: asio (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Patch added: "Example program reproducing issue, and a patch to fix it."

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  Deadlock using ASIO in multiple threads

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