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Built for all supported architectures. In sync with Debian.

libhandy is an extension of GTK3 to allow for so-called responsive design or 
reactive layout. libhandy is developed by Purism which aims to produce a phone 
running a complete free software stack. Purism wants to enable a form of GNOME 
to run on the phone as an option (KDE Plasma and even Ubuntu Touch may be 
available later too).

Ubuntu 19.04's gnome-control-center 3.31.90 includes an embedded copy of
libhandy. As we do with other libraries, it would be nice to transition
to a shared library instead. The Ubuntu Desktop team believes it is
reasonable to use the embedded copy for 19.04 so there isn't urgency for
this MIR.

Besides gnome-control-center, the universe apps gnome-contacts and
gnome-games-app alse use libhandy.  I expect more Ubuntu main apps will
use libhandy in the future.

No known security issues

Quality assurance
- Ubuntu Desktop bugs needs to be subscribed

There is an autopkgtest passing on all architectures to test C compiling
of a minimal libhandy app.

The upstream test suite is run during the build using dh_auto_test.

All dependencies for the library are in main.

The -dev package depends on libgladeui (part of the glade source) which
used to be in main until we allowed universe Build-Depends shortly
before Ubuntu 16.04 LTS's release.

glade is old enough that it never had a MIR in Launchpad.

libhandy does provide a build option for the Glade catalog feature. It
feels like it would be really useful to developers to have libhandy
support in the Glade app (or in GNOME Builder which now offers Glade
editing.) Glade is a GUI tool for building user interfaces for GTK apps
(instead of needing to code them manually with XML or your favorite
programming language).

So my preference order is #1 Promote Glade or at least libgladeui to
main, #2 Keep the libhandy -dev package out of main, #3 Disable Glade
support for libhandy.

Standards compliance
4.1.3, debhelper compat 11, simple dh7 style rules

Maintained in Debian by one of the Purism libhadny developers

Other Info
At a recent GTK hackfest, moving some of libhandy's functionality into GTK4 was 
discussed. It's trickier to do that with GTK3 since GTK3 is supposed to be in 
stable mode since 2016.

The library is under heavy development:

** Affects: libhandy (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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