I will try to do videos for you tomorrow it is getting late in the day
here ..

a brief synopsis for now ..

history: this is standard grub arrangement as "installed by default"
used to work flawlessly with multiple partitions of various linux OS's
.. It is only since early march that I noticed an issue with newer
install disco boots failing ..

I have an older disco install on sda1 which has been working all this
time through without issues .. upgraded daily .. no alteration of
netplan config or i915 module forcing..

I can prevent failures in two different ways .. add the module to
/etc/modules or change netplan config to not use NetworkManager as the
default.. attached

my suspicion is that NetworkManager is crashing the system by running
too early as on part of the failure..

the second part is slow loading of the necessary kernal module i915

this may be also the reason the plymouth (busy screen) does not show in
the boot phase of the effected partitions which are all recent disco
xubuntu spins..

an ubuntu install showed no issues .. wayland only works!

When using the freshly installed grub with the partition it belongs to
we get the first boot normal every thing works .. but on restarting
again (2nd boot) xorg/lightdm initially crash  then in about 6 seconds
xorg/lightdm restarts ..and works

on any other disco-xubuntu partition (except sda1)  booting from this
fresh grub .. we get the initial crash of xorg/lightdm and a locked
system .. no restart of xorg/lightdm at all .. no console either .. only
the power switch/ power removal works to reset ..

and thus " a very perturbed and frustrated tester "

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  lightdm login screen briefly appears and then blanks out on Intel(R)
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