The problem messages are now more informative:

            # the most likely problem is the 3rd party pkgs so don't address
            # foreignPkgs and devRelease being True
            details =  _("An unresolvable problem occurred while "
                         "calculating the upgrade.\n\n ")
            if self.config.get("Options", "foreignPkgs") == "True":
                details += _("This was likely caused by:\n"
                             " * Unofficial software packages not provided by 
                             "Please use the tool 'ppa-purge' from the 
ppa-purge \n"
                             "package to remove software from a Launchpad PPA 
and \n"
                             "try the upgrade again.\n"
            elif self.config.get("Options", "foreignPkgs") == "False" and \
                self.config.get("Options", "devRelease") == "True":
                details +=  _("This was caused by:\n"
                              " * Upgrading to a pre-release version of 
                              "This is most likely a transient problem, \n"
                              "please try again later.\n")
            # we never have partialUpgrades (including removes) on a stable 
            # with only ubuntu sources so we do not recommend reporting a bug
            if partialUpgrade:
                details += _("This is most likely a transient problem, "
                             "please try again later.")
                details += _("If none of this applies, then please report this 
bug using "
                             "the command 'ubuntu-bug 
ubuntu-release-upgrader-core' in a terminal. ")
                details += _("If you want to investigate this yourself the log 
files in "
                             "'/var/log/dist-upgrade' will contain details 
about the upgrade. "
                             "Specifically, look at 'main.log' and 'apt.log'.")
            # make the error text available again on stdout for the
            # text frontend
            view.error(_("Could not calculate the upgrade"), details)

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