Submitter: Zuul
Branch:    stable/stein

commit 0cb6106b83c33bded9e6cdec7737964c36be8de5
Author: Stephen Finucane <>
Date:   Wed Jun 12 15:10:59 2019 +0100

    Fix double word hacking test
    At present, 'pycodestyle' feeds the following string into the 'tokenizer'
        ["'This is the the best comment'"]
    (note the added quotes because this isn't valid Python otherwise)
    On previous versions of Python, this tokenizer would parse the string like 
      (3, "'This is the the best comment'", (1, 0), (1, 30), "'This is the the 
best comment'")
      (0, '', (2, 0), (2, 0), '')
    where (3 = 'STRING', 0 = 'ENDMARKER')
    However, with the fix [1] backported to recent versions of Python, this now
    resolves to:
      (3, "'This is the the best comment'", (1, 0), (1, 30), "'This is the the 
best comment'")
      (4, '', (1, 30), (1, 31), '')
      (0, '', (2, 0), (2, 0), '')
    where (3 = 'STRING', 4 = 'NEWLINE', 0 = 'ENDMARKER')
    Typically, 'pycodestyle' will run physical line checks on each line as it
    parses the token:
    For the former case above, the line doesn't include a newline which
    means we never parse a 'NEWLINE' token with a logical line (the fifth
    element of the token tuple) corresponding to our full line. This means
    we don't here but that wasn't an issue previously since there's a
    fallthrough case that handled tokens remaining at the end of the parse:
    Unfortunately, because we now have an additional newline character to
    parse, one that's on a separate line to our test string no less, we run
    logical checks on it:
    This is an issue since the logical check wipes stored tokens meaning
    we've nothing to check when we get to the fallthrough case:
    This fixes changes things so that a newline is included (and also adds
    quotes so it's valid Python, but that's mostly unrelated). This means we
    end up with the following instead:
      ["'This is the the best comment'\n"]
    On both Python without the bugfix and with it, this parses as:
      (3, "'This is the the best comment'", (1, 0), (1, 30), "'This is the the 
best comment'\n")
      (4, '\n', (1, 30), (1, 31), "'This is the the best comment'\n")
      (0, '', (2, 0), (2, 0), '')
    where (3 = 'STRING', 4 = 'NEWLINE', 0 = 'ENDMARKER')
    Which triggers things in 'pycodestyle' correctly.
    This isn't _really_ a fix since there's clearly still a bug in either
    'pycodestyle' or Python (I think the latter, since it's adding a newline
    to a file that explicitly doesn't have one), but the chances of us
    hitting this bug in practice are rather low - you'd need to make a
    mistake on the very last line of a file without a newline at the end
    which is something Vim, for example, won't even let you do without
    setting special flags - and therefore it can be reasonably ignored.
    NOTE(stephenfin): Conflicts are because we don't have change
    I35c654bd39f343417e0a1124263ff31dcd0b05c9 ("Bump to hacking 1.1.0") or
    change I8826c3fb89690805baae6b9b7b48985abb8d62d3 ("Skip
    test_check_doubled_words hacking check UT") on this branch.
    Change-Id: Ia597594e0469c0e83d7ad22b0678390aaebaffe7
    Signed-off-by: Stephen Finucane <>
    Closes-Bug: #1804062
    (cherry picked from f545a25cc443c41dcd9bdd028064c28b53f56037)

** Changed in: cloud-archive/stein
       Status: Triaged => Fix Committed

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  test_hacking fails for python 3.6.7 and newer

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