This bug was fixed in the package unattended-upgrades - 1.13

unattended-upgrades (1.13) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Alban VIDAL ]
  * Update french translation.
    Signed-off-by: Alban VIDAL <>

  [ Balint Reczey ]
  * Don't crash collecting transitive dependencies when package has no
    candidate (LP: #1825886)
  * Use mark_install_adjusted() in rewind_cache()
    The original cache had packages marked with adjustments thus rewinding
    should also do adjustments to reach the same state. Not using
    mark_install_adjusted() also crashes when apt raises error on held
    packages. (LP: #1826157)
  * test_rewind: Update test to check if adjustend rewinding took place
  * Only allow removals in valid autoremoval sets
  * Fix one more log location in the man page (Closes: #928601)
  * Factor out kernel regexp generation to functions
  * Packages including kernel version without flavor in their name may be
    kernel packages. Also add autopkgtest for checking if the generated
    patterns cover the currently running kernel. (LP: #1828200)
  * Skip upgrade-all-security test when there are no updates to test with.
    Shortly after a release there may not be security updates against the
    packages used in the chroot used for the test.
  * Test with latest stable in upgrade-all-security on testing
  * Fix testing Debian's updates in upgrade-all-security
  * Store list of kept packages and report the number of them in motd
    (LP: #1823070)
  * Mention APT's apt-daily-upgrade.service in the man page
  * 50unattended-upgrades.md5sum add MD5 of current files
  * PEP8: Fix breaking line after binary operator
  * debian/tests/control: Fix Depends: of upgrade-between-snapshots
  * debian/tests/control: Allow stderr in kernel-patterns

  [ Gordon Lack ]
  * Replace boolean Unattended-Upgrade::MailOnlyOnError2 mail reporting setting
    with multi-valued (string) Unattended-Upgrade::MailReport.

  [ Jaime Hablutzel ]
  * Error message improved on very improbable condition

  [ Clint Armstrong ]
  * Fix showing multi-line strings on Plymouth.
    When unattended-upgrades sends it's status to plymouth it sends a
    multi-line string which causes plymouth to display overlapping text,
    because plymouth only scrolls one line when the message is sent.
    (LP: 1826406)

 -- Balint Reczey <>  Mon, 08 Jul 2019 11:08:30 +0200

** Changed in: unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

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  [SRU] kernel package names ending with version without flavor are not
  matched by generated patterns

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