>From the comparison graphs, we can see that the impact of the sysfs
query is very significant for both read and write workloads. Taking just
the "sysfs" test from my previous comment into account:

In the random write tests:
* For 512b block sizes, we see about an 85% reduction in BW (down to ~2MB/s 
from ~16MB/s)
* For 4k block sizes, the reduction in BW is also about 85% (~30MB/s compared 
to ~240MB/s)
* For 512k block sizes (== bucket size) and higher, BW is reduced by about 64% 
(~90MB/s vs ~250MB/s)

In the random read tests:
* For 512b block sizes, BW goes down to ~3MB/s from ~25MB/s
* For 4k block sizes, the BW reduction is around ~90% (~10MB/s compared to 
* For 512k block sizes and higher, BW is reduced by about 90% (150MB/s vs 

We can see similar results as the above for the IOPS measures, and the
latency measures are also much worse in the sysfs test. We observe
frequent latency spikes (150ms+) when running fio together with the
priority_stats query, and latency averages increase by about 50ms at

Surprisingly, the "mutex" patch didn't improve the test results much.
This was the case for both read and write workloads, which suggests that
the bucket locking doesn't have that much impact on the system compared
to the sorting.

The cond_resched() patch showed great results, even though it causes the
sysfs queries to take a bit longer. The write throughput of the bcache
device is _much_ better with it, and the system doesn't stall anymore
(even when pinning processes to the same CPU as the sysfs query). In
some cases, it brings performance back to values close to the "raw"
tests (i.e. without any sysfs queries). This patch seems like the best
short-term solution for now, as the sysfs query taking a bit longer
shouldn't really be a problem in most setups (whereas the IO performance
and other issues are much more noticeable).

** Changed in: linux (Ubuntu)
       Status: Incomplete => Confirmed

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  bcache: Performance degradation when querying priority_stats

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