"Regression Potential" is updated with adding the 1556439 part in it.

** Description changed:

  SRU Document:
  The Lenovo P520 machine has dual analogue codecs, so there are two sinks
  and two sources in the PA, one has the front headphone and front
  microphone, the other has the rear lineout, linein and rear microphone,
  and the rear microphone always shows up in the gnome-sound-setting, When
  we plug a microphone to front audio jack, there are two input devices:
  rear mic and front mic in the gnome-sound-setting, and suppose users
  select the the front mic to record sound via audio app like arecord, the
  front mic will be bond the arecord, after the front mic is unplugged,
  there is only one rear mic left in the gnome-sound-setting, but the
  binding will not be changed, the arecrod still bind to front mic, under
  this situation if users record sound via arecord, they will find they
  can't record any sound from any other input devices even they are listed
  in the gnome-sound-setting. This problem also happens to output devices
  [Test Case]
  After applying this patch, I did the same test: unplug the front mic,
  then use the arecord to record sound, the app can record sound from rear
  mic now. After I plug the front mic back, the arecord still record from
  front mic. Also did the similar test for output devices, it worked as
  expected too.
  [Regression Potential]
  No, Just make a simple check when creating new streams
  (sink_input/source_output), If the restored device (sink/source) has
  ports and all ports are unavialble, it will not restore the binding,
  otherwise it will work as before.
+ For the Bionic, This SRU also includes the fix of LP: #1556439, this fix
+ is safe and will not introduce any regression too, because it just adds
+ a sink-input/source-output state checking, if the sink-input/source-
+ output is unlinking or unlinked, it is useless to move it to a new
+ sink/source, furthermore it will trigger an assertion that make the
+ pulseaudio crash, adding this check can fix this problem (LP: #1556439).
  [Other Info]
  No more info here

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  PA: Don't restore the streams to sinks/sources with only unavailable

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