** Description changed:

  This bug will contain status and test results related to a kernel source
  (or snap) as stated in the title.
  For an explanation of the tasks and the associated workflow see:
  backports: bug 1840002 (xenial/linux-azure), bug 1840005 (xenial/linux-hwe)
  derivatives: bug 1839974 (pc-kernel), bug 1839975 (pc-lowlatency-kernel), bug 
1839977 (linux-raspi2), bug 1839979 (linux-snapdragon), bug 1839980 
(linux-oem), bug 1839985 (linux-aws), bug 1839990 (linux-gcp), bug 1839992 
(linux-gke-4.15), bug 1839993 (linux-kvm), bug 1839995 (linux-ibm-gt), bug 
1839997 (linux-oracle), bug 1839998 (linux-fips)
  -- swm properties --
  boot-testing-requested: true
    lrm: linux-restricted-modules
    main: linux
    meta: linux-meta
    signed: linux-signed
  phase: Promote to Proposed
  phase-changed: Thursday, 15. August 2019 09:40 UTC
-   promote-to-proposed: Ongoing -- package copied to Proposed signed:building
+   promote-to-proposed: Pending -- package copied to Proposed signed:queued
    bionic/linux-aws: bug 1839985
    bionic/linux-fips: bug 1839998
    bionic/linux-gcp: bug 1839990
    bionic/linux-gke-4.15: bug 1839992
    bionic/linux-ibm-gt: bug 1839995
    bionic/linux-kvm: bug 1839993
    bionic/linux-oem: bug 1839980
    bionic/linux-oracle: bug 1839997
    bionic/linux-raspi2: bug 1839977
    bionic/linux-snapdragon: bug 1839979
    bionic/linux/pc-kernel: bug 1839974
    bionic/linux/pc-lowlatency-kernel: bug 1839975
    xenial/linux-azure: bug 1840002
    xenial/linux-hwe: bug 1840005
  variant: debs

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  bionic/linux: 4.15.0-59.66 -proposed tracker

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