** Description changed:

  The PHP 7.3 transition (LP: #1840334) has been performed, see
  archive/transitions/html/html/php7.3.html for list of tracked packages
- depending on php.  (Currently, there is still excuses on one remaining
- package with a dep8 failure, but this is expected to be resolved soon-
- ish.)
+ depending on php.
  With this transition complete, please drop the php7.2 source package and
  its binaries from the Eoan archive.  This will also resolve a 'Missing
  builds' issue on excuses for eoan.
  Here the full reverse dependencies:
  * libapache2-mod-php            (for libapache2-mod-php7.2)
  * libphp-embed                  (for libphp7.2-embed)
  * php                           (for php7.2)
  * php-all-dev                   (for php7.2-dev)
  * php-all-dev                   (for php7.2-json)
  * php-bcmath                    (for php7.2-bcmath)
  * php-bz2                       (for php7.2-bz2)
  * php-cgi                       (for php7.2-cgi)
  * php-cli                       (for php7.2-cli)
  * php-curl                      (for php7.2-curl)
  * php-dev                       (for php7.2-dev)
  * php-enchant                   (for php7.2-enchant)
  * php-fpm                       (for php7.2-fpm)
  * php-gd                        (for php7.2-gd)
  * php-gmp                       (for php7.2-gmp)
  * php-imap                      (for php7.2-imap)
  * php-interbase                 (for php7.2-interbase)
  * php-intl                      (for php7.2-intl)
  * php-json                      (for php7.2-json)
  * php-ldap                      (for php7.2-ldap)
  * php-mbstring                  (for php7.2-mbstring)
  * php-mysql                     (for php7.2-mysql)
  * php-odbc                      (for php7.2-odbc)
  * php-pgsql                     (for php7.2-pgsql)
  * php-phpdbg                    (for php7.2-phpdbg)
  * php-pspell                    (for php7.2-pspell)
  * php-readline                  (for php7.2-readline)
  * php-recode                    (for php7.2-recode)
  * php-snmp                      (for php7.2-snmp)
  * php-soap                      (for php7.2-soap)
  * php-sqlite3                   (for php7.2-sqlite3)
  * php-sybase                    (for php7.2-sybase)
  * php-tidy                      (for php7.2-tidy)
  * php-xml                       (for php7.2-xml)
  * php-xmlrpc                    (for php7.2-xmlrpc)
  * php-zip                       (for php7.2-zip)
  Packages without architectures listed are reverse-dependencies in:
  amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x

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  Remove "php7.2"  from Eoan, which has transitioned to php7.3

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