Thanks for working on this. I think feature-freeze wise this is
something that we should get in. It's cool work and it'd be something
neat to have in 19.10.

I've got some questions first though. (If the MIR is firmly taken off
the table for 19.10, then these questions can be skipped since you will
have to positively opt in in that case.)

Is the design of the option something that has been presented to the
design team? While not a particular issue as long as the feature is opt-
in, as soon as it is this option will be presented to everybody - I'd
like to know that it's been reviewed design-wise and signed off.

What guarantees are you looking to make on stability / data-loss? Let's
say we discover a crash in the installer in some circumstances with this
option enabled in the week before release - is this something we would
be fixing urgently or do we say that 'anything goes' if you have picked
the option? Same question if something turns out to be wrong post-
install for a number of people.

Probably goes without saying, but the MR to ubiquity itself will need to
be reviewed too. :-)

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  [FFe] Ubiquity with zsys install option

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