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calamares-settings-ubuntu (1:19.10.4) eoan; urgency=medium

  [ Dan Simmons ]
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.0, no changes needed.
  * Bump debhelper to 12, no changes needed.
  * Adjust automirror config to new style. Change automirror module
    to allow for new config style.
  * Add setting for donate button in welcome.
  * Add geoip for welcome.
  * Adjust locale.conf to new geoip style.
  * Set userSwapChoices to none in partition.conf.
  * Set defaultFileSystemType to "ext4" in partition.conf.
  * Set default dont-chroot, oem-setup, disable-cancel, to
    eliminate warnings from settings.conf.
  * Add efiMountOptions: umask=0077 to fstab.conf.
  * Set restart mode to new style in finished.conf.
  * Set bootloader entry name to Ubuntu.
  * Set slide show API to 1 to eliminate warnings.
  * Fix lintian errors and warnings.
    - Add depends for python3 in calamares-settings-ubuntu-common.
    - Adjust depends for calamares-settings-lubuntu.
    - Add further description to extended description for
      calamares-settings-lubuntu and calamares-settings-ubuntu.
    - Add lintian override for bash in .desktop file.
    - Remove unusual-interpreter in .desktop file.
    - Adjust Makefile so .desktop file so it is not executable.
    - Add keywords to .desktop file.
    - Remove executable flag from automirror.conf and module.desc.
    - Adjust debian/rules dpkg-architecture-variable.

  [ apt-ghetto ]
  * Fix small issues in automirror module
    - Remove whitespace before index bracket.
    - Remove undefined variable.
    - Fix over-indented block.

 -- Dan Simmons <>  Tue, 20 Aug 2019 19:59:12 -0400


The full diff is here:

The crucial change being reverting the bootloaderEntryName in the
Calamares branding.desc to "Ubuntu." Though it would be nice to be
flavor specific, a lot in the Ubuntu system depends upon the value of
GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR being as such.

Beyond how Calamares affects GRUB settings, GRUB should otherwise be

** Changed in: grub2 (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Invalid

** Changed in: calamares-settings-ubuntu (Ubuntu)
       Status: Confirmed => Fix Released

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  lubuntu grub-install puts efi in the wrong directory - could create an
  unbootable state

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