(In reply to Marco from comment #276)
> Following my previous post, disabling the batch flag on both streams (patch
> 3 from comment 269), Steam is perfect, Discord is lagged again while
> acquiring.
> With the second patch from the comment 269, same identical problem without
> the patch (Discord perfect, Steam crackling for the first minute + audio
> slightly delayed). However when changing volume there was a little bit of
> distortion on the output audio (extremely small, but still audible,
> especially on high volumes), but it seems that using the workaround only on
> acquisition seems to have removed that small issue. If someone here had the
> same problem when changing volume, please try patch n.2 and report back.
> It seems that we can't have both working together simultaneously on my end.
> The default workaround is still the best option on my system, for now.

The second patch cited in my previous post is necessary now (under
5.3.5, not sure about the previous kernel versions); besides the small
crackles when changing volumes, the acquisition from the microphone
under load (compilation, for example) sometimes becomes extremely low
quality (like if the sample rate is changing randomly and often the
audio is clipping). Applying the patch only on the capture stream
completely fix the issue, no crackles when changing volume and no issue
when acquiring audio with Discord under load.

Steam still shows random audio stutters while acquiring for a minute and
a bit of delay, so that is still unchanged, unfortunately.

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  Microphone distorted sound on ALC892/1220 on AMD chipsets

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