** Description changed:

  If a user tries to access a non-existent bucket, it should get a 
'NoSuchBucket' error message (404)
  But if there is such a bucket which is belonged to another user, radosgw will 
return 'AccessDenied' error (403)
  This is an incorrect error message, radosgw should return 404
  [Test Case]
  Create a user by radosgw-admin, then create a bucket through S3 by this user
  Create another user and try to access the bucket created by the above user
  The error message must be 'NoSuchBucket', not 'AccessDenied'
  [Regression Potential]
- Low
+ Low, this patch checks 
+ 1. 'is_admin_of' and 'verify_permission' separately instead of 'and' the 
results of them
+ 2. if the bucket policy allow the user to access this bucket
+ to make sure it returns the correct error code, so basically it checks the 
same thing as before but in the correct order
  [Other Information]
  Backport Ceph issue 38638 to Luminous.
  If a user different from the owner (or even an anonymous user) does a
  GetObject/HeadObject on a non existing object, Radosgw returns status
  code 403, rather than the correct status 404.
  A version of this was merged into Ceph master:
  And backported to luminous has been accepted:

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  backport: S3 policy evaluated incorrectly

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