Sorry, I'm new here - I was searching for related bugs to not create a
duplicate and it appears to automatically got the intel microcode tag...
I can't confirm it is related or not to that.

p.s. I put the Iscsi target back in fstab, rebooted and selected the old
kernel - it booted and mounted without any issue at all.

** Description changed:

  Hi All,
- Host Server - Dual Xeon E5-2650 v4, 768GB Memory, ESX 6.5.0
+ Host Server - Dell PowerEdge R630, Dual Xeon E5-2650 v4, 768GB Memory,
+ ESX 6.5.0
  I created a VM with 1vCPU, 2GB Memory, 16GB Hard drive.
  I installed Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 (latest ISO I had on hand), installed
  I then ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade... upgrade failed as repos
  were out of date. I then ran do-distribution-upgrade, ran through
  everything and it appears to work.
  --I don't want to mislead anyone - I can't remember if I rebooted or not
  at this point.
  After this, I setup an Iscsi initiator to an external target, added to
  fstab, formatted and confirmed all working.
  I then rebooted, and... nothing!
  No ping, no ssh or anything... Control + Alt + Del did not work, looked
  like it had frozen. The last line was starting SSH, but the previous
  line was the Iscsi initiator. At this point, I figured network is down
  and ISCSI is hanging as it can't connect/maybe I messed up the ISCSI
  I then went to GRUB and did advanced, I did the recovery console for
  kernel 4.15.0-72 generic which lead to a kernel panic:
  I then went through the options again and selected 4.4.0-62 generic, and
  it booted fine, and after about 2 seconds at the recovery menu, further
  ISCSI related text came up:
  I went to the shell as root, deleted the line from fstab, and rebooted,
  but, it hang again at the same point.
  I then went to advanced, booted normally to 4.4.0-62 generic, and, it
  went through without any issue what so ever.
  Messing around with kernels puts me out of my depth... happy to give
  further info or do more diagnostics if required, however, due to it
  working in a different kernel and nothing out of the ordinary - I
  believe this to be a bug.
  This is on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS / Release 18.04

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  Boot hang after updating and setting up Iscsi with  4.15.0-72 generic

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