Removing packages from focal:
        python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python-stuf 0.9.16-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
        python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python-otherstuf 1.1.0-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
        python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python3-theblues 0.2.0-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
        python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python3-libcharmstore 0.0.3-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
        python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal amd64
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal arm64
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal armhf
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal i386
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal ppc64el
                python3-jujubundlelib 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 in focal s390x
Comment: LP: #1859612, charmstore py2 removals
5 packages successfully removed.

** Changed in: python-jujubundlelib (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: python-libcharmstore (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: python-otherstuf (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: python-stuf (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

** Changed in: python-theblues (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Fix Released

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