Ah, I am pretty sure I recognize this.  The symptoms and behaviors match
an ancient and well known X11 bug that I dug into some years ago, and
you can read my findings in comment #310 of

The sticky repeat is due (as I understood it -- this is a bit
speculative) to a race condition in tracking and updating the key down
and up states.  The issue tends to be hard to reproduce when you do have
it, and hard to get rid of when you do, because triggering the
misbehavior depends on several low level components stepping on each
others' toes at just the right time to lose the keyup -- or something
like that.  If you're lucky, sometimes just randomly upgrading or
downgrading one of these components (or switching keyboards,
reinstalling things, etc.) can be enough to get the timings
desynchronized (or whatever).  This might explain why there are so many
claimed "solutions" by forum posters and bug comments, that rarely seem
to work for anyone but that one guy, and why the problem keeps cropping
up in random situations.

I'd thought at the time maybe Wayland would finally solve this, however
I've seen scattered reports of people seeing the same problem there, so
maybe it's just one of those oddball unsolvable bugs.

A commonly used workaround is to disable keyboard repeat, either in
GNOME settings, or via xset r rate (see man xset, and note you may need
to re-run xset periodically).

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  Sticky keys repeat indefinitely unless if pressed again

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