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I've tried to change the fonts of the gnome shell, using:
- the font "Book Antiqua" that is one of the 65.496 fonts that you can find in 
my GMX cloud at the link
putting the password "fonts"; 
note: when a person installs Ubuntu there should are, by default, at least all 
the same fonts of Microsoft Word like "Times New Roman", "Arial", "Century 
SchoolBook", "Garamond", "Comics", etc. This because, if the person is using 
both the operating systems it's useful that when he runs Writer of LibreOffice 
he can open all the documents of Word or Office with all the necessary fonts.
- a customized theme for the shell as explained at this link
but, if you put 
font-family: Book Antiqua, Serif;
that should be the exact form, there is a problem in the clock on the top bar 
that put the digits, with the double point in the middle, really distants 
between them, then the solution is to substitute the font "Book Antiqua" to the 
family "Serif" neglecting the font name and leaving exactly FONT_NAME in this 
font-family: FONT_NAME, Book Antiqua;
note: this solution does not affect (and this is really bad) neither on the 
screen-shield-clock-time and date nor on the login screen.
- gnome tweaks, where in the section "Fonts" I have changed all the fonts with 
"Book Antiqua Bold" size "11" unless that for the "Monospace" that, 
unfortunately, must be "Mono Regular"; this is quite bad because in 65.496 
fonts there are few and only choosing the "CentSchbook Mono BT Regular" size 
"13" when I search, in example, the term "clock" in the ubuntu.css file (sudo 
gedit /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css) there is not a deviation of the 
yellow highlighted terms in the documents; with the others "Mono Regular" there 
is a deviation and clicking in the next term arrow in the document there is a 
deviation that doesn't show the searched term even if it's present;
- a customized font for the screen-shield-clock-time and date, and the login 
screen, that in my opinion should be considered **a part of the gnome shell** 
but the above settings doesn't affect neither on the screen-shield nor on the 
login screen; then I edited the ubuntu.css file (sudo gedit 
/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css) and at the row 1920 down of the 
"overrides" I have put the **font-family: FONT_NAME, Book Antiqua;** as for the 
theme choosed before; later I have searched **screen-shield-clock-time** and 
changed the **font-size: 100pt;** and **font-weight: 300;**;
note: if a person from login screen makes click on "Access as another user" (to 
choose another user) it happens that all the fonts settings change in the 
Ubuntu Sans-Serif
and an annoying fixed arrow in the middle of the screen it appears.

** Affects: ubuntu
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Tags: fonts gnome login screen screenshield shell theme

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  appearance customization troubles of the gnome shell

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