@slashd, thanks for uploading util-linux to Focal.
I've added the SRU template and uploaded to Eoan.

** Description changed:

+ [Impact]
+  * lsblk no longer prints a partition's parent 
+    kernel device name (the wholedisk).
+    (i.e., 'lsblk -no PKNAME /dev/partition')
+  * Another impact is the 'removable media' check
+    always return zero for partitions.
+    (i.e., 'lsblk -no RM /dev/partition')
+  * The regression was introduced on v2.34, only
+    Eoan (v2.34) and later are affected.
+    Disco (v2.33) and earlier are not affected.
+  * The regression is fixed in v2.35, in commit
+    e3bb9bfb76c1 ("lsblk: force to print PKNAME
+    for partition"); fixes RM for partition too.
+ [Test Case]
+  * lsblk -no PKNAME /dev/vda1 # partition
+  * Expected output: vda # wholedisk
+  * Current output: (nothing)
+ [Regression Potential]
+  * Columns that depend on a partition device's
+    parent device (i.e., seen as 'wholedisk')
+    could in theory show incorrect values if
+    another bug is present in v2.34 for that.
+  * Other usages of 'parent' pointer in the
+    function have been examined and reported
+    (e.g. issue w/ removable media column),
+    and others found to not have issues
+    (e.g. --merge option, to group multiple
+    parents of a device, as in RAID.)
+ [Other Info]
+  * The impacts to the curtin source package
+    have been addressed in other way, it no
+    longer requires util-linux, comment #14.
+  * util-linux github issue:
+    https://github.com/karelzak/util-linux/issues/813
+ [Original Bug Description]
  During an install of the daily live image for 20.04 Ubuntu Server, the
  installer first crashed and restarted itself, then failed to install the
  Attached are the logs left on the install USB key.

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  Crash and failure installing focal

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