The unison binary from 18.04 (unison-2.48.4-gtk) does not run on my
20.04 machine:

Fatal error

Uncaught exception Failure("input_value: ill-formed message")
Raised at file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/lwt/", line 126, 
characters 16-23
Called from file 
"/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/lwt/generic/", line 102, 
characters 8-23
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/" (inlined), line 
2096, characters 2-69
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/", line 3372, 
characters 20-75
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/", line 3381, 
characters 16-32
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/", line 156, 
characters 18-22
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/", line 3919, 
characters 4-37
Called from file "/build/unison-Y9EcQW/unison-2.48.4/", line 4276, 
characters 4-16

Nor does the newer version run on 18.04:

unison-2.48.4-gtk: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not 
found (required by unison-2.48.4-gtk)
unison-2.48.4-gtk: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not 
found (required by unison-2.48.4-gtk)

Any ideas for a workaround?

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  unison incompatible with older ubuntu/debian versions

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