I have the same issues reported, e.g., in #34 or #25.
However, I have an additional issue: The scroll lock indicator LED on the 
keyboard, in previous versions used to indicate the current input language (in 
my case off=English, on= Greek). Now, however, it is inconsistent. When I 
switch with super+space, everything (including the scrolllock LED) works 
correctly. When I switch with Alt+Shift, however, it cycles in a 2-1-2-1-2-1 
pattern (similar to the input language switch, i.e. I need to press Alt+shift 
once to turn the LED on, then TWICE more to turn it off again). The problem is 
that the 2-1-2 pattern is NOT in sync between the language selection and the 
LED indication, which renders the LED indicator completely useless. In other 
words, successive presses of Alt+Shift produce the following results:
English/LED off
Greek / LED on
English/LED on
English/LED off
Greek / LED on
English/LED on
English / LED OFF
Greek / LED on

BTW, it might be a good idea to notify the upstream developers who
develop the GNOME super+space code, even if it isn't, strictly speaking,
THEIR bug. If they allowed Alt+shift as a switch keystroke, they would
render our life much easier.

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  Using certain xkb-options, e.g. Alt+Shift, for switching input sources
  not reflected by the input source indicator in a wayland session

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