I come by retriaging old bugs that have been dormant for too long giving them a 
second change.
Right now is IMHO the right time (well again, the original report was as well) 
to give this a shot. We are just after an LTS could try it out and revert later 
if needed.

I see fixes applied for profiling by upstream every now and then, so it isn't 
If the performance overhead while disabled is indeed negligible then why not 
enabling it.

But as outlined before we'd want to do so together with Debian, so next steps 
(for us):
1. To be safe - kick off a discussion with upstream why it never has been 
default enabled
2. Prep a change that enables this at build time (and tests it)
3. Submit that (plus a bug if needed) for discussion with Debian

Bonus: In openvswitch when we were unsure about the supportability of
DPDK enabled for non DPDK environments we ended up building openvswitch
twice - not sure if that is feasible with the many libs and packages of
samba - but it is one more option to consider (make an extra opt-in
profile enabled binary).

Adding server-todo (not do do it, but to give it a bit more time to
evaluate what would happen and dirve the #1 discussion of above)

** Tags added: server-todo

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  No profiling support

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