This bug was fixed in the package snapd - 2.56+22.10

snapd (2.56+22.10) kinetic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1974147
    - portal-info: Add CommonID Field
    - asserts/info, capture max assertion formats in
    - tests: improve the unit testing workflow to run in parallel
    - interfaces: allow map and execute permissions for files on
      removable media
    - tests: add spread test to verify that connections are preserved if
      snap refresh fails
    - tests: Apparmor sandbox profile mocking
    - cmd/snap-fde-keymgr: support for multiple devices and
      authorizations for add/remove recovery key
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: Listen to keyboard added after start and
      handle switch root
    - interfaces,overlord: add support for adding extra mount layouts
    - cmd/snap: replace existing code for 'snap model' to use shared
      code in clientutil (2/3)
    - interfaces: fix opengl interface on RISC-V
    - interfaces: allow access to the file locking for cryptosetup in
      the dm-crypt interface
    - interfaces: network-manager: add AppArmor rule for configuring
    - i/b/hardware-observe.go: add access to the thermal sysfs
    - interfaces: opengl: add rules for NXP i.MX GPU drivers
    - i/b/mount_control: add an optional "/" to the mount target rule
    - snap/quota: add values for journal quotas (journal quota 2/n)
    - tests: spread test for uc20 preseeding covering snap prepare-image
    - o/snapstate: remove deadcode breaking static checks
    - secboot/keymgr: extend unit tests, add helper for identify keyslot
      used error
    - tests: use new and snaps.cleanup tools
    - interfaces: tweak getPath() slightly and add some more tests
    - tests: update snapd testing tools
    - client/clientutil: add shared code for printing model assertions
      as yaml or json (1/3)
    - debug-tools: list all snaps
    - cmd/snap: join search terms passed in the command line
    - osutil/disks: partition UUID lookup
    - o/snapshotstate: refactor snapshot read/write logic
    - interfaces: Allow locking in block-devices
    - daemon: /v2/system-recovery-keys remove API
    - snapstate: do not auto-migrate to ~/Snap for core22 just yet
    - tests: run failed tests by default
    - o/snapshotstate: check installed snaps before running 'save' tasks
    - secboot/keymgr: remove recovery key, authorize with existing key
    - deps: bump libseccomp to include build fixes, run unit tests using
    - cmd/snap-seccomp: only compare the bottom 32-bits of the flags arg
      of copy_file_range
    - osutil/disks: helper for obtaining the UUID of a partition which
      is a mount point source
    - image/preseed: umount the base snap last after writable paths
    - tests: new set of nested tests for uc22
    - tests: run failed tests on nested suite
    - interfaces: posix-mq: add new interface
    - tests/main/user-session-env: remove openSUSE-specific tweaks
    - tests: skip external backend in mem-cgroup-disabled test
    - snap/quota: change the journal quota period to be a time.Duration
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow executing /usr/bin/numfmt in the base
    - tests: add lz4 dependency for jammy to avoid issues repacking
    - snap-bootstrap, o/devicestate: use seed parallelism
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: correctly set sticky bit on created
      directories where applicable
    - tests: install snapd while restoring in snap-mgmt
    - .github: skip misspell and ineffassign on go 1.13
    - many: use UC20+/pre-UC20 in user messages as needed
    - o/devicestate: use snap handler for copying and checksuming
      preseeded snaps
    - image, cmd/snap-preseed: allow passing custom apparmor features
    - o/assertstate: fix handling of validation set tracking update in
      enforcing mode
    - packaging: restart our units only after the upgrade
    - interfaces: add a steam-support interface
    - gadget/install, o/devicestate: do not create recovery and
      reinstall keys during installation
    - many: move recovery key responsibility to devicestate/secboot,
      prepare for a future with just optional recovery key
    - tests: do not run mem-cgroup-disabled on external backends
    - snap: implement "star" developers
    - o/devicestate: fix install tests on systems with
    - cmd/snap-fde-keymgr, secboot: followup cleanups
    - seed: let SnapHandler provided a different final path for snaps
    - o/devicestate: implement maybeApplyPreseededData function to apply
      preseed artifact
    - tests/lib/tools: add piboot to boot_path()
    - interfaces/builtin: shared-memory drop plugs allow-installation:
    - tests/main/user-session-env: for for opensuse
    - cmd/snap-fde-keymgr, secboot: add a tiny FDE key manager
    - tests: re-execute the failed tests when "Run failed" label is set
      in the PR
    - interfaces/builtin/custom-device: fix unit tests on hosts with
      different libexecdir
    - sandbox: move profile load/unload to sandbox/apparmor
    - cmd/snap: handler call verifications for cmd_quota_tests
    - secboot/keys: introduce a package for secboot key types, use the
      package throughout the code base
    - snap/quota: add journal quotas to resources.go
    - many: let provide a SnapHandler to Seed.Load*Meta*
    - osutil: allow setting desired mtime on the AtomicFile, preserve
      mtime on copy
    - systemd: add systemd.Run() wrapper for systemd-run
    - tests: test fresh install of core22-based snap (#11696)
    - tests: initial set of tests to uc22 nested execution
    - o/snapstate: migration overwrites existing snap dir
    - tests: fix interfaces-location-control tests leaking
    - tests/nested: fix custom-device test
    - tests: test migration w/ revert, refresh and XDG dir creation
    - asserts,store: complete support for optional primary key headers
      for assertions
    - seed: support parallelism when loading/verifying snap metadata
    - image/preseed, cmd/snap-preseed: create and sign preseed assertion
    - tests: Initial changes to run nested tests on uc22
    - o/snapstate: fix TestSnapdRefreshTasks test after two r-a-a PRs
    - interfaces: add ACRN hypervisor support
    - o/snapstate: exclude TypeSnapd and TypeOS snaps from refresh-app-
    - features: enable refresh-app-awareness by default
    - libsnap-confine-private: show proper error when aa_change_onexec()
    - i/apparmor: remove leftover comment
    - gadget: drop unused code in unit tests
    - image, store: move ToolingStore to store/tooling package
    - HACKING: update info for snapcraft remote build
    - seed: return all essential snaps found if no types are given to
    - i/b/custom_device: fix generation of udev rules
    - tests/nested/manual/core20-early-config: disable netplan checks
    - bootloader/assets, tests: add factory-reset mode, test non-
      encrypted factory-reset
    - interfaces/modem-manager: add support for Cinterion modules
    - gadget: fully support multi-volume gadget asset updates in
      Update() on UC20+
    - i/b/content: use slot.Lookup() as suggested by TODO comment
    - tests: install linux-tools-gcp on jammy to avoid bpftool
      dependency error
    - tests/main: add spread tests for new cpu and thread quotas
    - snap-debug-info: print validation sets and validation set
    - many: renaming related to inclusive language part 2
    - c/snap-seccomp: update syscalls to match libseccomp 2657109
    - github: cancel workflows when pushing to pull request branches
    - .github: use reviewdog action from woke tool
    - interfaces/system-packages-doc: allow read-only access to
    - interfaces: add max_map_count to system-observe
    - o/snapstate: print pids of running processes on BusySnapError
    - .github: run woke tool on PR's
    - snapshots: follow-up on exclusions PR
    - cmd/snap: add check switch for snap debug state
    - tests: do not run mount-order-regression test on i386
    - interfaces/system-packages-doc: allow read-only access to
    - interfaces/hardware_observe: add read access for various devices
    - packaging: use latest go to build spread
    - tests: Enable more tests for UC22
    - interfaces/builtin/network-control: also allow for mstp and bchat
      devices too
    - interfaces/builtin: update apparmor profile to allow creating
      mimic over /usr/share*
    - data/selinux: allow snap-update-ns to mount on top of /var/snap
      inside the mount ns
    - interfaces/cpu-control: fix apparmor rules of paths with CPU ID
    - tests: remove the file that configures nm as default
    - tests: fix the change done for netplan-cfg test
    - tests: disable netplan-cfg test
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: apply content mounts before layouts
    - overlord/state: add a helper to detect cyclic dependencies between
      tasks in change
    - packaging/ubuntu-16.04/control: recommend `fuse3 | fuse`
    - many: change "transactional" flag to a "transaction" option
    - b/piboot.go: check EEPROM version for RPi4
    - snap/quota,spread: raise lower memory quota limit to 640kb
    - boot,bootloader: add missing grub.cfg assets mocks in some tests
    - many: support --ignore-running with refresh many
    - tests: skip the test interfaces-many-snap-provided in
    - o/snapstate: rename XDG dirs during HOME migration
    - cmd/snap,wrappers: fix wrong implementation of zero count cpu
    - i/b/kernel_module_load: expand $SNAP_COMMON in module options
    - interfaces/u2f-devices: add Solo V2
    - overlord: add missing grub.cfg assets mocks in manager_tests.go
    - asserts: extend optional primary keys support to the in-memory
    - tests: update the lxd-no-fuse test
    - many: fix failing golangci checks
    - seed,many: allow to limit LoadMeta to snaps of a precise mode
    - tests: allow ubuntu-image to be built with a compatible snapd tree
    - o/snapstate: account for repeat migration in ~/Snap undo
    - asserts: start supporting optional primary keys in fs backend,
      assemble and signing
    - b/a: do not set console in kernel command line for arm64
    - tests/main/snap-quota-groups: fix spread test
    - sandbox,quota: ensure cgroup is available when creating mem
    - tests: add debug output what keeps `/home` busy
    - sanity: rename "sanity.Check" to "syscheck.CheckSystem"
    - interfaces: add pkcs11 interface
    - o/snapstate: undo migration on 'snap revert'
    - overlord: snapshot exclusions
    - interfaces: add private /dev/shm support to shared-memory
    - gadget/install: implement factory reset for unencrypted system
    - packaging: install Go snap from 1.17 channel in the integration
    - snap-exec: fix detection if `cups` interface is connected
    - tests: extend gadget-config-defaults test with refresh.retain
    - cmd/snap,strutil: move lineWrap to WordWrapPadded
    - bootloader/piboot: add support for armhf
    - snap,wrappers: add `sigint{,-all}` to supported stop-modes
    - packaging/ubuntu-16.04/control: depend on fuse3 | fuse
    - interfaces/system-packages-doc: allow read-only access to
    - daemon: add a /v2/accessories/changes/{ID} endpoint
    - interfaces/appstream-metadata: Re-create app-info links to
    - debug-tools: add script to help debugging GCE instances which fail
      to boot
    - gadget/install, kernel: more ICE helpers/support
    - asserts: exclude empty snap id from duplicates lookup with preseed
    - cmd/snap, signtool: move key-manager related helpers to signtool
    - tests/main/snap-quota-groups: add 219 as possible exit code
    - store: set validation-sets on actions when refreshing
    - github/workflows: update golangci-lint version
    - run-check: use go install instead of go get
    - tests: set as manual the interfaces-cups-control test
    - interfaces/appstream-metadata: Support new swcatalog directory
    - image/preseed: migrate tests from cmd/snap-preseed
    - tests/main/uc20-create-partitions: update the test for new Go
    - strutil: move wrapGeneric function to strutil as WordWrap
    - many: small inconsequential tweaks
    - quota: detect/error if cpu-set is used with cgroup v1
    - tests: moving ubuntu-image to candidate to fix uc16 tests
    - image: integrate UC20 preseeding with image.Prepare
    - cmd/snap,client: frontend for cpu/thread quotas
    - quota: add test for `Resource.clone()`
    - many: replace use of "sanity" with more inclusive naming (part 2)
    - tests: switch to "test-snapd-swtpm"
    - i/b/network-manager: split rule with more than one peers
    - tests: fix restore of the BUILD_DIR in failover test on uc18
    - cmd/snap/debug: sort changes by their spawn times
    - asserts,interfaces/policy: slot-snap-id allow-installation
    - o/devicestate: factory reset mode, no encryption
    - debug-tools/ print message if no gadget snap
    - overlord/devicestate: install system cleanups
    - cmd/snap-bootstrap: support booting into factory-reset mode
    - o/snapstate, ifacestate: pass preseeding flag to
    - o/devicestate: restore device key and serial when assertion is
    - data: add static preseed.json file
    - sandbox: improve error message from `ProbeCgroupVersion()`
    - tests: fix the nested remodel tests
    - quota: add some more unit tests around Resource.Change()
    - debug-tools/ add debug script
    - tests: workaround lxd issue lp:10079 (function not implemented) on
    - osutil/disks: blockdev need not be available in the PATH
    - cmd/snap-preseed: address deadcode linter
    - tests/lib/fakestore/store: return snap base in details
    - tests/lib/ rm core18 snap after download
    - systemd: do not reload system when enabling/disabling services
    - i/b/kubernetes_support: add access to Java certificates

 -- Michael Vogt <>  Thu, 19 May 2022 09:57:33

** Changed in: snapd (Ubuntu)
       Status: In Progress => Fix Released

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