I have an update on this and quite a bit of more information, even
though not very clear what it means and how to further go on fully
fixing it:

After some more usage i realized that the performance is still pretty
weak when using my desktop system for slightly more "real" work.

I kept getting stutter in Video playback and Web browsers when using web
applications with the slightest bit of JavaScript functionality, and a
Virtualbox virtual machine.

I first suspected gnome-shell to be a culprit and had the impressions
things where sligthly better when using LXDE as a desktop environment,
but still I never got real good performance.

it's a real hard to get a grip on problem, as I dont know how to
instantly produce the problem and measure it as with normal bugs.

The easiest thing I can do is open a web browser, got to youtube, and open a 
few videos in new tabs and try to play them, and skip back and forth to 
different points,  and "pretty soon" I get a stuttering in the video, a mouse 
pointer not moving fluently, switching tabs taking multiple seconds that 
usually works in an instant, a browser process with multiple 100s of % of CPU 
and a RRD* process. 
these are things that work without a problem on a very old Lenovo x1 tablet 
with a mobile processor, and that i would expect to work equally easy on a 
pretty new X1 extreme with i9 processor and 32G Ram...

I did some more testing ( I cannot call it real debugging as I dont know
how to use proper tooling and stuff for these kind of analysis) and
checked how other Distributions and other Ubuntu versions perform from
USB Live systems and found that not only PopOS, but also Ubuntu 21.10,
BUT to my surprise also 22.04 from USB Live system behave much better.

So I thought i must have some setting wrong, but I didn't know which,
until i tried to turn off Intel Boost because I remembered in Ubuntu
Studio it is recommended to be turned off for good audio performance.
This helps a lot!

But, this is not what is different between 22.04 live - because there,
Intel boost is ON and it still behaves good.

I tried this with several browsers with always the same result, so it seems to 
be a generic graphics system/library, or kernel problem. It actually "feels" 
like some scheduling issue - which was the reason I tried the boost setting.
I also tried with a new test user, to make sure it's not a userspace local 
setting, or any browser plugin. But the same problems with a new, "clean" user.

The system I experience all this with has been installed first with
20.10, so it has multiple upgrades - it *could* be there is some other
setting from previous software versions thats broken - but I have no
idea what setting this could be and how I can search for it.

It could also be some old version of some gnome, X11 ( I also tried Xorg
as well as wayland, no noticeable difference) or graphics library, and
the kernel package is the wrong place for this bug, but I dont know
where to start with that then...

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  massive performance issues since 22.04 upgrade

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