This bug was fixed in the package lxc - 1:4.0.12-0ubuntu1~21.10.1

lxc (1:4.0.12-0ubuntu1~21.10.1) impish; urgency=medium

  * Cherry-pick upstream bugfixes (stable-4.0):
    - 0002-lxc-checkconfig-Fix-bashism.patch
    - 0003-doc-Fix-reverse-allowlist-denylist.patch

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.12) (LP: #1959993):
    - Fixed CRIU restoration of containers with pre-created veth interfaces
    - Fixed issue with kernels lacking SMT support
    - Extended cgroup2 config options in (cgroup2)
    - lxc-download now relies on HTTPS for validation (avoids GPG issues)

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.11):
    - Core scheduling support (lxc.sched.core)
    - riscv64 support in lxc.arch
    - Significantly improved bash completion profile
    - Greater use of the new VFS mount API (when supported by the kernel)
    - Fix containers with empty network namespaces
    - Handle kernels that lack TIOCGPTPEER
    - Improve CPU bitmask/id handling (handle skipped CPU numbers)
    - Reworked the tests to run offline

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.10):
    - Fix issues with less common architectures
    - Support for additional idmap mounts
    - nft support in lxc-net
    - Cleaner mount entries for sys:mixed
    - Switched GPG server to

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.9):
    - Fix incorrect personality setting when running 32bit containers on 64bit

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.8):
    - Fix CGroup attach against older running containers

  * New upstream bugfix release (4.0.7):
    - Testing improvements including fixes from oss-fuzz
    - Rework of the attach codepath
    - Cgroup handling rework

  * Bump to debhelper 12 (allows focal SRUs)
  * Bump standards to
  * Add lintian overrides for incorrect bashism detection
  * Remove bash completion install logic (now done upstream)

 -- St├ęphane Graber <>  Thu, 03 Feb 2022 23:50:20

** Changed in: lxc (Ubuntu Impish)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  SRU of LXC 4.0.12 to focal (upstream bugfix release)

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