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schrieb Marcos Alano <>: 

> [00006399376a4e90] main audio output warning: cannot load module
(/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ rebuild shared object with SHSTK
support enabled)

Regarding libmpg123, you either need to disable assembly optimizations
(build with generic decoders only), I presume, or someone provide a
patch that adds SHSTK to them. I don't know which implementation of
shadow stacks glibc/gcc is using in that setup. I've read up on the
concept and so far only figured that this is part of a spiral that
complicates ABI and makes providing assembly-optimized functions ever
harder. This would be fine if compilers finally would be smart enough
to evade the need to do so. Last time I checked, hand-tuned AVX
decoding was still a lot more efficient.

We already handle IBT, I think, with indirect jumps landing only in C
wrapper functions. I wonder if we could also limit the shadow stack
impact to those with some compiler/linker flags. The assembly routines
are rather strict math, many years old now without much of attack
surface. All parsing of input is before them in C. They just do lots of

One might try to write a set of optimizations using intrinsics for
modern CPUs that then also get the treatment of shadow stacks or the
next shiny security measure. Porting the AVX code to GCC (and/or other)
inline ASM might also work for some platforms.

(Still, I am wondering why pulseaudio output should need MPEG decoding.)

Alrighty then,


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