this problem already whole year (((((((((((((((((((

for me she showed up one time in the floor of hour, however as a result
of this problem I lost a mysql database - mysql innodb not start -
"Accertion error" - did not help even "innodb_force_recovery = 4",
backup was an a week remoteness - the works of whole department lost
data for a few days, the management simply in shock - I going to
discharge from job (((

this problem already whole year:
I'm stumped trying to track down the below intermittent problem.....
I've confirmed this problem on 2.6.19, 2.6.20 and 2.6.21.


ata errors, system freeze

System lockup with concurrent acces to SATA disks on Promise PDC20378

Kernel panic / system hang / sata_promise

DELL Poweredge 2970 hangs sometimes (ata1)

ata device crashing system in Fedora 8

problème de mise à jour

Kernel 2.6.24.x boot problem - Anyone , Any idea

Thought though with the newest hard drive with support of NCQ such is
not present, ... also same:

"With this kernel I’m getting frequent temporary freezes (system comes back 
responsive after a minute or so…)."

ata timeout freezes system partly
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