As one of the Transmission developers, I wanted to speak up and
make myself available for questions and feedback.  I like gnome-bt
but, as you'd expect, I'd love for Ubuntu to use Transmission.

To answer a couple of earlier questions:

(1) Sebastien Bacher wrote:
 > Could you explain what are the gnome-btdownload issues and
 > what transmission-gtk does better?

Like gnome-bt, Transmission tries to be simple and "just work",
but Transmission also has MSE/PE encryption,
supports port forwarding for UPnP/NAT-PMP routers,
has the ability to choose which files in a torrent to not download,
has the ability to prioritize which files to download first,
and provides a gui for creating new torrents.

(2) Andrea Veri wrote:
 > and popcorn should reach high numbers for that package as well
 > (if it's *really* the best software around)...600+ users
 > is not enough to promote a package to be installed as the
 > main Torrent application for Ubuntu.

Transmission 1.00 has been downloaded 234,014 times since it
was released five days ago.


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