Am 09.04.2011 06:43, schrieb Sean McNamara:
> ...
> I have much respect for the Unity developers for contributing to FOSS,
> and I think that it has genuine utility in the netbook form factor. I
> just don't think it's ready for the general purpose desktop. My wish
> is for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix to continue, and provide Unity by
> default there, but provide either Gnome2 or (preferred) Gnome3+GS for
> the main Ubuntu desktop distribution.
> Thanks,
> Sean

I, too, think that Unity is fine for a netbook and I'll use it there.
But on my desktop PC I'll continue to use Gnome 2 at least for 11.04. So
I wonder if it would be a solution to make Unity the default Desktop but
offer a choice during installation to override this default and use
Gnome2 (or Gnome3) instead. This would make it easy for those who prefer
a Gnome desktop instead of the new Unity desktop.


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