Jo-Erlend Schinstad schreef op di 19-04-2011 om 15:56 [+0200]:
> 2: workspaces as "contexts"
> Workspaces doesn't currently seem very useful to me. It can be nice if
> you have windows layed out in a certain way, but other than that, I
> don't think I'll use them very much. I think they would be very much
> more useful and user friendly if the super-w didn't display windows
> from other workspaces, but was limited only to the current workspace
> like alt+tab is.

You can fix this with CCSM by changing the keybindings for the compiz
"Scale" plugin if you want.

>  I always use workspaces as "contexts". That is, I
> have a workspace where I do general stuff like surfing and chatting
> with friends for no particular purpose. I also have one workspace that
> I use when I play guitar and sing, etc, I have one for managing my
> network of physical and virtual machines and one I use for
> development. I work with different files and websites in these
> contexts so I open new instances of Nautilus and Firefox. This is
> probably the only time I open more than one instance of these
> applications since both supports tabs very well.

> For my workflow, it would be extremely useful if the launcher and
> super-w was "context aware" so that pressing super-1 would open only
> the Nautilus relevant to my current work and super-2 would switch to
> my relevant Firefox. That is to say that if I'm in my general context
> with Firefox and Nautilus open, then switch to a new context, pressing
> super-1 and super-2 would open new instances of those applications,
> and then later switch between those instances in this context only.
> When switching between contexts, the default browser in the context
> you switch to should be set as the one to open links. (This has been a
> problem for me for ages). Opening a link from gnome-terminal in my
> Guitar context should never result in the link being opened in my VM
> Management context, for instance. This helps me stay focused on my
> current tasks.

+1000 from me on fixing that behaviour for Firefox etc.  :)

(I think it might require more workspace-awareness by the applications
themselves and/or maybe the GUI toolkits though?)

Jan Claeys

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