I'm agree with you marco; its a discussion with Gnome design, but it's
necessary a solution before launch new ubuntu version. If you want I can
prepare a report analyzing ergonomically with the current situation of
Gnome what would be the best solution for all. I can include different
solutions based on the way users use ubuntu and from companies. Could be a
good argument for talking to the Gnome design team

2017-05-18 14:47 GMT+02:00 Marco Trevisan <marco.trevi...@canonical.com>:

> Il 18/05/2017 14:11, Javier Antonio Nisa Ávila ha scritto:
> > The only thing I need to make it a fully usable desktop is the
> > global menu, it's totally necessary.
> >
> > If we evaluate the ergonomic needs of a user of an operating system,
> > what he needs most is a spacious visual sensation. The problem with the
> > menu that now has gnome is that it loses a lot of space on the screen,
> > if we add that the window is not maximized completely but it stays below
> > the top bar we lose a large percentage of the screen.
> I quite agree with this... Although many apps are moving to hamburger
> menus, still the vertical space used for that (especially when
> maximized) is really a lot (http://i.imgur.com/P1HB2er.png).
> > If we want a true migration without complaints and good acceptance must
> > develop the global menu and maximized windows.
> However... I'm sad to say, I don't think there's room for this. The
> gnome design is moving to something else, and the headerbar presence in
> multiple apps makes this quite hard.
> A way to merge apps headerbar with gnome panel when an app is maximized
> could be an idea, but it's all something we should discuss with Gnome
> design, instead of keeping the discussion just at Ubuntu level.

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