On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 3:15 AM, Sebastien Bacher <seb...@ubuntu.com> wrote:
Speaking of which do you know if upstream is keeping a list of
issues/regressions/missing features (is there any?)

From new gnome-control-center (network-panel):

1) "All users may connect to this network" has been renamed to "make available to other users" but for me it's not working for any other display manager except gdm. Even it is checked, lightdm can't connect to network at login-screen.

2) "Automatically connect-to vpn when using this wifi" is also missing, I don't know how to do than in new panel.

3) The old proxy settings of wifi has been moved to somewhere else. (it my be happened before 3.24, I didn't notice).....Does this mean I can't set proxies per connection? Though, proxies applied system-wide are working

4) At the moment, many tabs appear disabled for me...so can't really tell if above issues are bugs or regressions.

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