Hello everybody,

in about 2,5 weeks we are going to have another Ubuntu Online Summit.
The dates are 12-14 Nov 2014 and you can register for the event here:


Ubuntu Online Summit is your opportunity to find out what's new in
Ubuntu, what's happening next in your favourite area, to contribute your
ideas and bring up topics for discussion.

To attend sessions, simply head to


All sessions are linked from the schedule and you'll find instructions
on how to join the sessions as well. As last time, we are going to have
sessions falling into the following categories:

 - App Development
 - Cloud DevOps
 - Community
 - Ubuntu Development
 - Users

Particularly the last one is interesting, as we are going to have demos
and presentations there.

If you want to add any session, have a look at


for instructions for how to add your session.

Thanks a lot in advance and we're looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a great day,

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