After a few procedural hiccups, Wascally Wabbit^W^WWily Werewolf is
now open for development.

Very little has changed in the opening base system and toolchain,
however do note that due to jessie releasing only a couple of days
after vivid, many Debian developers have awoken from hibernation and
auto-syncs and merges should be full of new shiny to look at.

This is fairly good timing, as we'll have a bunch of new shiny in
15.10, and some time to polish all of that for 16.04, so get to
merging and let's make this another awesome release!

Also of note, the systemd transition went quite smoothly last cycle,
thanks in large part to the amazing efforts of Martin Pitt (thanks
pitti!), but there are still rough edges, lots of packages without
native systemd units, etc.  Keep an eye out for merges from Debian
with systemd fixed/additions and pull those in when you can, and of
course, don't be afraid to scratch your own itches when you spot a
bit of buggy behaviour.

I'll stop babbling now and let people get on to what they're best
at, which is making the best[1] Linux distribution in the world!

... Adam

[1] I might be slightly biased here, but can you really blame me?

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