We'll shortly be upgrading the non-virtual builders in the Launchpad
build farm ([1]) to launchpad-buildd 129.  I don't have an exact
schedule, but it will probably be in the next couple of days.

As part of this, we'll finally be upgrading from our local fork of
sbuild taken in 2004 or so to a modern version.  This fixes a number of
bugs, particularly around installation of build-dependencies (e.g. [2]),
and removes another source of variation between Launchpad and local
builds.  We've already done a test rebuild of main using it and fixed
all the problems we found in the process, but of course like any big
change there's an element of risk.

Once the upgrade is complete, if you notice strange package build
regressions that appear to relate to the build infrastructure rather
than source package bugs (good candidates are things like refusals to
install build-dependencies that "apt-get build-dep" manages fine, or
peculiar environment variable differences) then please let the Launchpad
team know [3] and we'll look at them as soon as possible.  You can tell
which version of launchpad-buildd ran any particular build by looking at
the "Buildd toolchain package versions" line near the top of the build
log; versions less than 127 use the 2004-era sbuild, while versions 127
and newer use modern sbuild.

All "normal" virtualised PPAs (if you don't work for Canonical or if you
haven't specifically asked for it, then your PPA is virtualised; note
that the "silos" used by the CI Train are non-virtualised) have been
running launchpad-buildd >= 127 with modern sbuild since 20 May, so you
can already use that for testing.

(Thanks to William Grant for most of the work on this.)

[1] https://launchpad.net/builders/
[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-buildd/+bug/594916
[3] https://help.launchpad.net/

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