On Jun 23, 2015, at 11:38 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>For Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf), we want to make Python 3.5 the default
>Python 3 version.  It's currently undecided whether we will keep Python 3.4 as
>a supported version, but a lot of that depends on how easily an archive port
>to Python 3.5 goes.  Ideally, we'd be able to make the switch to 3.5 now ahead
>of the planned 16.04 LTS release.

We have an almost 80% pass rate on the package rebuilds in the PPA which makes
Python 3.5 the default Python 3 version.


Many FTBFS have been fixed in the PPA, and other bugs have been filed upstream
and in Debian.   There's still about 219 packages that FTBFS and haven't been
fixed yet, so we're in the long tail.  All help is of course appreciated!

Note that some of the fixes require temporary breaks of dependency loops.


On 7 July, Matthias mentioned that he's also planning the GCC 5 transition,
and we don't want to do both transitions at the same time, so Python 3.5 is up

I plan to upload later today a new python3-defaults to wily which will enable
Python 3.5 as a supported Python 3 version.  I'll work on the necessary
rebuilds, including depend-loop breaks and the fixes I know about.  Please
help by keeping an eye on Python 3 packages you care about, and fix what you

Three bugs to watch:

 * LP: #1474882 - Make 3.5 a supported version.  Requires a mass rebuild.
 * LP: #1474886 - Make 3.5 the default version.  No mass rebuild required.
 * LP: #1474888 - Drop Python 3.4 support.  Requires a mass rebuild.

LP: #1474882 tracks the upload I'll make today.  We still plan on making 3.5
the default version in Wily.  It is TBD whether we'll drop Python 3.4 in Wily
or X-series.


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