As of about two minutes ago, yakkety has entered the final beta freeze,
with a goal of releasing Final Beta images sometime late Thursday.

Due to a rocky start on this beta with landing a last-minute kernel
and a few other hiccups, it's possible the actual release will happen
on Friday morning instead of Thursday night, but let's aim for the
Thursday release and see how we do.

The queue freeze will last from now until final release in October,
which means that all seeded packages will now need a spot-check and
review in the queue from a release team member before they are let
into the archive.

As with the previous releases, we have a bot in place that will accept
uploads that are unseeded and don't affect images.  Don't take this as
an open invitation to break Feature Freeze on those components, this
is just to reduce the burden on the release team, so we only review the
uploads that need very serious consideration.  If you find the bot is
blocking an upload that you think should have been auto-accepted, let
us know and we'll sort it out.

I will be spinning a set of beta candidates right now which I encourage
people to get to testing ASAP for their favourite flavour(s) as they
come off the line.

Happy bug-hunting from now until the final release, and please do help
out and test ISOs, netboot, etc, where you can and let us know what's
broken in your environment(s).

On behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,

Adam Conrad

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