Hi Developers,

Zesty will be enter Feature Freeze at 21:00 UTC tonight.

Ideally you will all now be focusing on bug fixing and not on getting
new features into the release.

For example, zesty-proposed contains a lot of backed up items currently.
The sponsorship queue is a bit large and contains some very old items.
If you help to work on these then we'll be able to put out a decent
release in a couple of months.

As always, if you want to seek an exception to land your cool new
feature, then please follow the process:


This was in the last announcement too, but it's worth saying again:
version strings don't matter for Feature Freeze. If you upload a new
upstream release and it has no new features than you don't need an
exception. If you add a debian/patch that adds a new feature, or enable
one via build flags then you do. We care about the content of the
archive, not exactly how things got there.

Go forth and fix,

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