The opening of the next release will begin sometime next week, with
various changes to the packaging toolchain, notably a large dpkg merge
with some buildflags and buildinfo bits, and a move to the upstream
implementation of ddebs in debhelper.  Currently, however, we are, by
decree of our sabdfl (who might be having too much fun reading the
dictionary's entire A section), taking a much-needed and well-deserved
long weekend.

So, if you're super keen to get working, by all means, you can prep
your merges locally or in PPAs, and be ready to blat it all at the
archive, but I would suggest that we all take some time to go hang
out outside, remind ourselves that there are things other than Linux
distributions and Free Software and aruging^Wdebating on IRC.

Mark told me to make this email clever and include lots of "A" words,
so the remainder of this email is dedicated to that:


Actually, I've got nothing.  Have a good weekend, everyone, and we can
all look forward to an exciting and productive AA/17.10 cycle.

... Adam

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