Artful Aardvark has been open since Friday, but it's been noted that
since doko's on vacation, and I passed out after opening the archive,
no one got around to sending the announcement email.

Artful opened with two major packaging toolchain changes, both of
which should be mostly transparent:

  - ddebs are now generated using the upstream debhelper code, and
    you'll notice that pkg-create-dbgsym gets punted out of your
    build chroots on upgrade.  If you run into any ddeb issues that
    arise from this, please file bugs and/or poke me directly.

  - dpkg now produces .buildinfo files by default for all uploads,
    including source builds.  This should, again, be mostly a no-op
    for you, but there is one gotcha, which is that multiple '-nc'
    runs of dpkg-buildpackage -S will produce a debian/files in
    your source that shouldn't be there.  We've been discussing how
    to eradicate that upstream, but if you care deeply about cruft,
    watch out for that.

Of future note, we will be evaluating enabling PIE by default on all
of our architectures (which will affect i386, armhf, and arm64), and
assuming those discussions go as planned, this should happen in a
month or two.  This will bring us in line with Debian in that regard,
which should make life a little bit easier for evaluating FTBFS bugs
between the two distros.

autosyncs will be turned on shortly, and the buildd queues will fill
up and take a few days (probably) to drain, so do be slightly patient
while waiting to see what needs sorting out in proposed-migration.

Also, of note, we ended last cycle with all our "problem" reports
completely empty.  That means the archive had no out of date binaries,
and everything was installable.  This is not a situation we intend to
regress, so before asking a release team member to "force" anything in
to artful, understand that forcing implies breaking this state, and
there has to be a better way.  Please, find the better way.

Happy merging, everyone, and may the Aardvarks be ever in your favour.

... Adam

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